Ask your wait staff about our available seafood specials... Our chef will make you seafood special at your request!! 

Steamed Blue Mussels               $9.99                   Calamari                                      $8.99           Cheese Sticks                                $7.99

(One pound, steamed in wine)                                  (8 oz., fried with sweet chili lime sauce)          (Fried to a golden brown)


Chicken Tenders                         $7.99                    Jalapeno Poppers                     $6.99            Onion Rings                                  $4.99
(Lightly coated chicken strips with fries)                    (Stuffed with cream cheese)                           (Lightly breaded, fried to a golden brown)

 Basket of Fries                          $3.99                     Bunker Chips and Salsa              $3.99
 (Large basket filled with our home fries)                  (Platter filled with corn chips and our cheeses, sour cream, tomatoes & cilantro
                                                                                  served with tangy salsa)


Dinner Specials

Served with Soup and Salad

We use high quality Angus Beef products, aged, 25 days minimum

                    Rib Eye 16 oz. - $34.99 / 12 oz. - $29.99                                           New York Strip Steak      12 oz.  $29.99
                    USDA Choice, 25 days aged prime steak,                                          Tender steak grilled to your perfection, choice 
                    grilled to your perfection.                                                                     of potatoes.





                    Salmon                                  $19.99                                                  Grilled Shrimp                        $19.99
                    8 oz. Chipotle, Jerk seasoning or Lemon Pepper                               Large, fresh shrimp Grilled with your choice of flavor and
                    salmon served over rice or with potatoes.                                          served with rice or potatoes.


                    White Fish                               $18.99

                    Delicate white fish with choice of flavor and grilled
                    to your perfection.


Burgers, Fried Chicken and More


                   Fried Chicken                            $19.99                                             Chicken Fried Chicken               $18.99
                   Four pieces of golden brown chicken, served                                     Lightly breaded by hand and deep fried, marinated
                   with your choice of sides.                                                                     chicken breast. Served with your choice of sides.                                                                                           
                   Spaghetti                                    $14.99                                             Grilled Chicken Breast                $18.99

                   With meat sauce or garlic oil. Served with garlic bread.                      Your choice of seasonings; Lemon pepper, Jerk, Chipotle
                   Rib eye Steak Sandwich            $19.99                                            Cheese Ravioli             $19.99
                   8-10 oz. Rib eye served as a steak sandwich. With fries.                    With Meat Sauce, Cream Sauce or Garlic Oil.

                   Traditional Burger                      $10.99                                             Baron Burger                             $14.99 
                   Start with a 1/2 lb fresh steak burger patty served on                         1/2 lb. fresh steak burger cooked to your perfection, add 
                   a Tolera roll with fries.                                                                          choice of toppings (Swiss & American cheeses,R
                                                                                                                                grilled onion, mushrooms, bacon & jalapenos.
                                                                                                                                Served with fries.

                   Create Your Own Burger by adding toppings:                                  

                   Cheese - American, Swiss, Provolone, Cheddar, Bleu                        Chicken Fried Steak                    $19.99
                   Other toppings: Bacon, Mushrooms, Grilled Onion                             8 oz. New York Strip, lightly hand-breaded, cooked to
                   (additional $.99/topping)                                                                      perfection. Served with your choice of potatoes and white



Soup and Salads



                     Small salad                                        $4.99                                      Large Salad                                    $8.99

                    Small plate of salad, prepared for you.                                               Large plate of salad, prepared for you.


                     Small Cup of Soup                           $2.50                                       Bowl of Soup                                  $3.50

Our soup is freshly made each night by hand. 





                   Chocolate Lava Cake                                $6.99                               Creme Brule                                             $5.99
                   Melting chocolate with vanilla ice cream topping                                Carmelized to perfection!


                   Cheesecake                                               $4.99                               Bowl of Ice Cream                                   $3.50

                   With your choice of fruit or chocolate topping.... $.99                         Cup of Ice Cream                                    $2.50




$2.00 (2 refills please)

                                                                    Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Lemonade, Iced Tea

Coffee      $1.85

Pitcher of Coffee      $5.00                



All prices are subject to change
Soup and Salad Bar are not included with Burgers or Sandwiches


We want you to enjoy your dining experience at Spices on the Green. We are a neighborhood restaurant where we do things the old fashioned way; from our family to yours.

Please call for group dinners 12 hours ahead.

                 ** Please call 24 hours ahead if you have a large group, rent our space for meetings, or would like a group Prime Rib Dinner.**


We perfected "Bar and Grill Food"

We use only high quality, 25 days minimum aged beef products that are hand cut from the loin after you order
(including our Chicken Fried Steak).

All of our spices are handmade by James and Krupa.*

*If you have a special request such as no gluten, salt, etc.,
please, let the wait staff know prior to your order.


All prices are subject to change
Soup and Salads are not included with Burgers or Sandwiches